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Meet a transgender activist, a knife-fighting mafioso and India’s top gossip blogger. Go fishing in the Arabian Sea, rub noses with Bollywood elite and dance your way to the sea. Jugaad is an immersive kaleidoscope of stories about people from different communities in Mumbai, one of the most disparate, diverse and densely populated cities on Earth. The outsider-filmmaker captures the emotional essence of an urban centre while reflecting how we all survive our paradoxical world. The word “jugaad” means creative problem solving. Not only is jugaad the connective tissue of the city – it is at the crux of our survival and what it means to be human.



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Produced and directed by: Susannah Heath-Eves

Cinematography: Benjamin R. Taylor, Susannah Heath-Eves

Additional Cinematography: Alan Kohl, Jonah Fernandes

Editor: Susannah Heath-Eves

Story Editor: Omar Majeed

Line Producer: Amrita Singh

Sound Recording: Susannah Heath-Eves, Amrita Singh

Additional Sound Recording: Santosh Gour, Divya Bhatt, Ashutosh Singh, Akbar Khan

Production Coordinators: Akbar Khan, Divya Bhatt, Avani Batra, Pradeek Singh

Sound Design and Foley: Kyle Stanfield

Additional Foley: Alexis Farand

Dubbing and Music Design: Shane Mendonsa

Sound Mix: Luc Léger

Colour Correction and Finishing: Francis Hanneman

Translation: Amrita Singh, Divya Bhatt, Ashutosh Singh, Shane Mendonsa, Mujeeb Dadarkar, Josna Powar

Additional Transcription: Stefi Brazzeal

Closed Captioning and Descriptive Video: Sas Harris

Legal Services: Gabriella Rozankovic, Lussier & Khouzam

Insurance: Linda Dubuc, Globalex membre du Groupe Front Row Insurance Brokers

Title Search: Tania Alceguerre, KineSearch

Original Poster Design: Sameer Mistry

Graphic Design: Heath Cairns

Consulting Producers: Mila Aung-Thwin, Bob Moore

Produced with Funding from: The Canada Council for the Arts, SODEC Jeunes Créateurs, CTV Development Fund

Produced with the Assistance of: The National Film Board of Canada Filmmaker Assistance Program (FAP Quebec)

Thanks to everyone who contributed with guidance, inspiration and funds to help finish the film!