My Story



I’ve been a professional communicator and storyteller for the past decade by way of documentary and journalism. I started making creative videos for brands when I realized how inspired I was by all of my insanely talented business-owner and artist friends putting their good Ju Ju out into the universe. Documentary is my first love, but there's something really immediate and human and satisfying about using my craft to help a sister out. I want to connect with and support more heart-driven entrepreneurs, because let's face it: you do make the world a better place, and I can help all you unicorns out, all while pursuing my passion for crafting beautiful and meaningful short films. I still make docs and plan to, forever amen, but I love the variety of experiences and human connections that brand films bring me and my beloved art form. Read: my community grows and everyone is happy!

Also worth noting, I’m based in Ottawa and Mumbai and I can't live without maple syrup in either place. Yes, it travels with me. And yes, I travel for work.

My services include branded content, brand films, ads, product videos, explainers and testimonials.



Before launching SHEfilms, my passion project was an independent art doc about life in Mumbai called Jugaad, a Hindi word that means creative problem solving. And isn’t that just the key to survival in business, art and life?! Jugaad is streaming on Netflix and plays from time to time on the CBC’s Documentary Channel.

Before Jugaad (and living in India) changed my life (yep, that happened), I was a production supervisor and editor at Montreal-based production company EyeSteelFilm. I’ve worked with The National Film Board of Canada, The Thomson Reuters Foundation and The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in radio and television.

And if you've made it this far, you might as well know I have a BA in English Literature and a Masters in Broadcast Journalism.

I direct, produce, shoot and edit human interest films with a social justice perspective.


Since you're here, check out the trailer for my documentary, Jugaad!

Click here to learn more about the film.