My Story



I’m a documentary filmmaker based in Ottawa and Mumbai. My debut independent film, Jugaad (2017), is streaming globally on Netflix and airs on CBC’s Documentary Channel. Prior to Jugaad, I was the Line Producer and Co-Editor at EyeSteelFilm for The Fruit Hunters, directed by Yung Chang, a feature film and two-episode series for CBC's The Nature of Things, in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada. I’ve worked as a reporter and current affairs associate producer for CTV and CBC Radio and Television. I make mini docs and field produce for NGOs, charities and news organizations such as The CBC, The Thomson Reuters Foundation and Sightsavers, and I’m currently developing my next large documentary project. I have a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, both from Carleton University in Ottawa.

My goal as a filmmaker is to explore global social justice issues and the collective human spirit through creative, cinematic storytelling.


I’ve been a professional communicator and storyteller for the past decade by way of documentary and journalism. I started making creative videos for small business owners when I realized how inspired I was by friends who were putting their original ideas, talents and passions into their businesses. Documentary is my first love – forever amen! – but there's something really immediate and satisfying about using my craft to help people stand out. I want to connect with and support more heart-driven creative entrepreneurs, because let's face it: we need as many of you as we can get to outnumber the old guard of cold hearted corporate zombies! And bonus: I love the adventures and human connections that these sweet little videos bring me.

Also worth noting, I’m based in Ottawa and Mumbai and I can't live without maple syrup in either place. Yes, it travels with me. And yes, I travel for work.



Since you're here, check out the trailer for my documentary, Jugaad!

Click here to learn more about the film.