Indian Premiere + JUGAAD airing on CBC’s documentary channel Feb 21 & 22!


The JUGAAD crew at our Mumbai premiere! Left to right: Composer Shane Mendonsa, taxi decorator Sameer Mistry, production coordinator/sound recordist Amrita Singh, producer/director Susannah Heath-Eves, Dharavi fixer Rajesh Prabhakar, sound recordist Santosh Gour.

Dear friends,

It’s been a quiet few months for Jugaad but things have been clipping along nicely. In January we had our Indian premiere just a few hours south of Mumbai at the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF), followed by our – wait for it – Mumbai premiere at PIFF’s sister festival, YIFF, the Yashwant International Film Festival! I attended the Mumbai screening along with a small but very enthusiastic and admiring crowd. What became clear to me was that the film needs to find new ways to be shared in Mumbai and beyond on a larger scale. This is my goal for 2018: to explore new ways to distribute Jugaad and get it to the people who want to watch it the most.

For anyone freezing their buns off in Canada, Jugaad will warm you up on CBC’s documentary channel at 6pm EST on Monday, February 21st, and on Tuesday, February 22nd – not once, not twice, but three times! – at 6am, 9am and 2pm EST. For those of you with a cable package that doesn’t include documentaryyou can add it for as little as $2.60/month.

That’s all I have to report for now. Life feels good and busy and full of new ideas, projects and possibilities. I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying the new year and staying warm if you’re in a frozen land, and if you're feeling the winter blues, remember that spring always shows up eventually.

With love and jugaad,


Susannah Heath-Evesjugaad