JUGAAD is airing on CBC’s Documentary Channel this Thursday and at the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival on Saturday!

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Dear friends,

WINTER IS HERE! For anyone in Canada, at least. I hope you’re layering up, filling your mugs with hot stuff and getting ready to face the bitter cold for eternity – I mean the next few months.

This is just a quick note to let you know that Jugaad is airing on CBC’s Documentary Channel at 8pm EST on Thursday, November 16th! That’s 5pm in Vancouver, 6pm in Edmonton, 9pm in Halifax, and so on. If you live in Canada and have a cable package for your TV that doesn’t include the documentary Channel, you can add it for as little as $2.60/month. My parents did just that through Bell and they can cancel at any time. This will be the shorter, zippier, 52-minute version of the film, compared to the original 75-minute theatrical version. Tune in if you can!

If you live in Vancouver, you can catch Jugaad on Saturday, November 18th, at the Vancouver International South Asian Film FestivalThe film will screen at 6:15pm at Simon Fraser University, and you can buy tickets ahead of time on the festival’s website. Please let your Vancouver friends know!

I’m off to India for a few months and I’ll try my best to send my freezing fellow canucks some balmy air, not from Delhi. What I can promise though, is that watching Jugaad will give you a small reprieve from the winter chill as I take you on a journey through a city that’s usually warmer than 30°C, 24/7. I hope you’ll get to watch it soon!

Stay tuned for updates on future festival screenings and other Jugaad-related news.

Thank you, as always, for your interest and support!

With love and jugaad,


Susannah Heath-Evesjugaad