This is what I wanted to do all summer.

This is what I wanted to do all summer.

Dear friends,

Things have been a little messy over at Jugaad’s HQ the past few weeks. With a big deadline approaching – the TV edit of the film, signalling another milestone for this 7-plus-year project – I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus on anything but the end of this tunnel. I’ve felt swamped and burned out, tempted to go camping until the snow falls. You want to know what’s getting me through it? Community.

Every time I see my Indiegogo page full of backers, hear from an enthusiastic friend or get feedback from my mum (Yes, my mother is my creative advisor. I highly recommend her!), I feel my community's energy bubbling up around me, giving me that little lift I need to keep treading in the right direction.

It’s really such a privilege to have stress and burnout from an art project. How lucky I am, to be able to live in a bubble of relative safety and freedom, and make my little film shine just the way I want it to. The world has been sinking, on fire, at war – on the brink of shambles. Yet in each and every crisis there are moments of grace, acts of kindness, the human spirit in full expression, reaching out a hand to someone in need. Everywhere you look there’s community, and mine is golden.

That brings me to my huge, massive, words-are-not-enough THANK YOU for your contributions and support throughout my Indiegogo campaign! Donations came in from family, friends and friends of friends; friends from university, friends from past jobs, even friends from my summer camp! I reconnected with people I'd lost touch with and heard from people I'd never met. People helped spread the word even if they couldn't contribute, and their friends contributed. My community grew and all I had to do was plant the seed and keep watering. The rest was up to you! I’m filled to the brim with gratitude for your generosity, love and thoughtfulness, and I look forward to honouring your kindness by making the most of it!

Thank you, my beloved community, for keeping me floating safely towards the finish line. 

With love and much jugaad, 

Susannah Heath-Eves, Producer and Director of Jugaad

Jugaad is a feature length documentary that explores and celebrates the enduring human spirit in Mumbai, India’s Promised Land. The word 'jugaad' means creative problem solving.


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