Jugaad's Triple Threat: CBC – Poster – Indiegogo


Holy cow, two weeks have come and gone, in the flashiest of flashes! The Indiegogo campaign to raise money and awareness for the distribution of Jugaad is officially past the halfway mark, and what an incredible two weeks it's been! I’ve received all kinds of lovely surprises – from old friends, new friends, friends of friends and family – reaching 20% of my goal, thanks to 37 generous backers! Thank you so much for spreading the word, sending messages of encouragement, and supporting Jugaad. I’m so glad you’re choosing to be a part of it.

I’m still a long way from reaching my goal, and I know two weeks will be over before we know it, so please continue to help spread the word about the film and campaign! And of course if you haven’t already contributed and feel called to donate, I would love that.

I have some BIG NEWS to share with you that until today has been under wraps: The CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) documentary channel is acquiring a shorter, 52-minute version of Jugaad and will start airing it in November! Hooray! That means subscribers will be able to watch the film from the comfort of their homes over the course of three whole years! The Indiegogo contributions are already helping cover some of the costs to make that happen. I’m over the moon about this benchmark for Jugaad.

Jugaad: Coming to subscribers in November!

Another fun development is the POSTER! Check it out below! Sameer Mistry is an artisan of the highest order, and one of the remarkable individuals featured in the film. He decorates taxis with technicoloured vinyl stickers that he shapes into complex, transcendent designs. He makes his mark on Mumbai with a vibrancy and personality that you just don’t see anywhere else. It was spellbinding to document his process for the film, and I was just as mesmerised the second time around when he made the poster, ENTIRELY BY HAND. It's part taxi window, part old Bollywood poster and all magic. The next step is to collaborate with an illustrator or graphic designer to digitize Sameer’s one-of-a-kind creation so I can print it and use it for digital marketing, posters and beautiful tote bags (one of the Indiegogo perks you can opt for). I can’t wait!

Summer and the monsoon are out in full force, depending on which part of the planet you’re on (or both, if you’re in Canada, so I've heard). I hope you’re enjoying it, rain or shine!

Thanks again for all your support! You're the best!

With love and much jugaad, 

Susannah Heath-Eves, Producer and Director of Jugaad

Jugaad is a feature length documentary that explores and celebrates the enduring human spirit in Mumbai, India’s Promised Land. The word 'jugaad' means creative problem solving.