Documentary Films and Branded Content

SHE Films

Branded Content and Documentary Films

by Susannah Heath-Eves



Welcome to SHE Films!

I make beautiful, authentic video content for brands and business owners. No cheese, no awkward narration – just your golden products, stories and vibes shining bright.

My services include brand films, product videos, explainers and testimonials. After getting to know you a bit and understanding your needs, I present you with your best options.

I also make documentaries – my first love. You can watch my film, Jugaad, on Netflix!


See more of my work here.


Attract and convert your ideal clients, lickety-split!

So what can a video do for your blood-sweat-tears-all-in business? Oh I don’t know, just reel in your ideal clients like hotcakes, without lifting your pretty little finger. How does that sound to you? How does more time for the stuff you really love sound to you? How does no more, “let me explain for the millionth time what I’m all about” feel? Picture this: your ideal client reaches out to you already knowing they want to work with you because they get you, even though you haven’t so much as said hello. Do I hear angels singing? If this is music to your ears, get in touch and we can start creating more time and moola for your sweet self.


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