Big News – Hint: It starts with N and ends with X

A scene from JUGAAD, now streaming worldwide!

A scene from JUGAAD, now streaming worldwide!

Dear friends,

More than six months have gone by since my last Jugaad dispatch. It’s been quiet on the docufront for some time, save for one major thing that has come to fruition on your screens: Jugaad is on Netflix! OMFG, right?! More precisely, everywhere except Canada, where it will start streaming on November 1st.Worldwide distribution!!! Not bad, eh? Here's the link

Please spread the word by telling ALL of your friends and family and neighbours and co-workers and any passers by about it! Something tells me, the more people watch it the more it’ll show up in other people’s lists of suggested flicks on the platform.

I’m back in Mumbai after a whirlwind summer in Canada that concluded with marrying my one and only. I’m loving the feeling of having taken the plunge! We’re still the same, obviously, yet something has shifted, in a really wonderful way.

We’re back in India now and I’m set for the next while with a few projects to edit for SHEfilms, my shiny new documentary and creative content boutique. Take a look! Never did I ever think I’d be a business owner, but it’s feeling oh so good and refreshing; the start of a new chapter and the continuation of an old one. It brings me joy to think about serving a community of creative business owners by making beautiful videos for them, while taking my time with longer documentary projects.

It’s amazing how we can achieve milestones and barely take note, moving on to the next thing on the list faster than we can say, “breathe it in, baby.” I’m going to take a page from my book of inner wisdom and enjoy the realization that three dreams have come true this summer. Now isn’t that delicious? Maybe I’m just in an end of summer, drink-it-up kind of mood, but I think each of us could take a step back more often and reflect on the personal progress we’ve made, don’t you?

That’s it for now. I’m off to enjoy some Lucky's biryani (the best in Mumbai!) in celebration of all the good things, and to toast everyone who helped me along the way (read: you!). Also, the Ganpati Chaturthi festival is on in full force. Jugaad opens and closes with scenes from this festival, so it seems quite appropriate that the film is launching in India and worldwide during this auspicious time. Sorry Canada, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer!

Happy Netflix streaming!

With love and jugaad,


Susannah Heath-Eves